A Closer Look at Funeral Services Now

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Funeral services have changed a great deal over the years. Trends in the services and funeral practices have been tracked and seen over the course of 100 years or more. Families now focus more on a different set of values, opinions, and preferences that have all compelled the funeral industry to become more receptive and flexible to these so-called modern needs.

The following are just some of the trends observed in this industry:

Services have become more personalized

Personalization is among the biggest changes seen in the current practices. At this point, the baby boomers of yesterday have become more open to the idea of pre-planning their funerals. They now take the liberty to make funeral choices that were quite different from the ones made at least three decades ago.

Funeral servicesPersonalized funeral services offer a unique method of honoring the departed loved ones; thus, the growing demand for customized funerals also resulted to the presence of services that demonstrate passions, interests, and hobbies of the person. Personalization is becoming more and more common now as it provides family and friends the chance to experience a more ‘meaningful’ time before the person is laid down to rest. The deceased’s legacy can also be first celebrated through a fitting funeral service.

Services can now be pre-planned

The idea of planning a funeral may sound too morbid to some, but not for those people who are also hoping for well-prepared and stress-free funeral services. Planning ahead offers more than just convenience to the family left behind. It gives the person an opportunity to select and design a service that will likewise cater to the emotional needs of the people when that day comes.

Pre-planning a funeral also enables a person to achieve his last wishes. This then will offer his family the chance to celebrate his life in the most unique way possible. Pre-planning also allows the person to make certain decisions so as to add value and personal touches to his own funeral. For example, songs, flowers, displays can all be personally handpicked by the person whose life is to be celebrated.

This ultimately offers the family less stress when they already have to deal with the emotional burden. Moreover, this eliminates the financial stress and burden.

Going green is an option, too

Being ecologically conscious is one of the most recent lifestyles that people are starting to embrace. Said consciousness is also now becoming an important criterion in making decisions; thus, this attitude has also now contributed to the changing practices in funeral services. It is likewise expected that the choice to adapt ‘green funeral’ will soon soar in different parts of the world. gentrygriffey.com is one who provide a services at funeral time.

The green concept is applicable to the facet of choosing eco-friendly burial grounds, choice of flowers and accessories, and even the choice of funeral homes. Green setting is also possible by choosing a smaller gathering for the service, choosing a shroud and a biodegradable casket without metallic or plastic parts, the option to only service organic food during and after the service, and the use of biodegradable clothings.

The use of technology during services

The sudden surge of technological products, services, and the demand for them has also led many businesses to adapt it wisely. For example, memorial videos can now be created and sent to friends and families. Many funeral homes have also offered a live broadcast of the services, especially aimed at family members who are located in various parts of the world. The videos can also be archived and be given to the members for safekeeping. The presence of funeral homes on the Web is also among the first major technological changes in this area.

Author Bio:
Gentry Griffey is the only funeral homes in Knoxville that does not use an out-of-town crematory. The entire cremation process is completed on-site at our crematory by our professional and licensed staff.

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