Best Ways to Get Cheap Custom Challenge Coins

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coinThere are a lot of people who want to know how they can get cheap custom challenge coins. Ordering challenge coins is difficult enough. However, most people have little to no clue on how they can get a good price on their orders.Challenge coins can be cheap. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, but it will take a little bit of time. Here are a few methods that will go a long way in lowering the asking price. On their own, they might not lower it by much, but together all these small things can result in huge savings.

Getting them in bulk

This is probably the most obvious way to get challenge coins for a low price. Most coin manufacturers rely on moving their products in bulk. As a marketing scheme, these coin manufacturers lower their price per coin when someone places a big order.

See, buying  custom challenge coins is a lot like buying groceries. Buying them one piece at a time will be more expensive than buying a large amount.

Buying challenge coins in bulk is one of the most common tactics people use to get a good price on their coins.

Finding a good coin manufacturer

Good coin manufacturers get a lot of orders. The volume of their coin production is so immense that it affords them the opportunity to offer competitive prices.

Excellent coin manufacturers can lower the price of their products more than average coin producers. The downside to this is that people have to place a larger than usual order of custom challenge coins in order to avail of their lower prices.

Looking for connections in the industry

Of all the methods of finding low cost challenge coins, this has to be the most difficult one. The industry is a lot bigger than it used to be, but it is by no means a large industry. It’s still a fledgling that’s still trying to develop its market.

The industry’s size makes it quite difficult to find people in the know that can help in finding a good price. Not only that, but most people in the industry are quite reticent to give out a special discount.

Nevertheless, it is still possible to haggle with some of the people who make custom challenge coins. It will take time, effort and excellent negotiating skills in order to seal the deal with this one.

Trying to outsource the job to Asia

Of all the different tricks to get cheap coins this one is probably the best. A lot of the people who make coins in this country usually outsource the coin production process anyway. It makes absolute sense to just go outside of the country to find people who make them at a low price instead of finding someone who will more or less just act as the middleman.

Many of the best coin manufacturers are in Asia. South Korean and Chinese challenge coins are very common. The cost of labor and materials in these countries are very low, which is why so many coin manufacturers actually manufacture their coins overseas.

The only real problem here is trying to deal with people abroad as opposed to domestic coin makers. Furthermore, most of these overseas coin manufacturers offer better deals to their partners abroad. There may still be instances where dealing with a domestic coin manufacturer will be better than dealing with a foreigner.

Keep these tips in mind and getting custom challenge coins at a cheap price shouldn’t be a problem.

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