Effective Safety Presentations

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Safety presentations can improve performance and increase employee awareness about safety regulations and workplace hazards. Even if the company has a firm safety program, safety meetings can remind everyone about the changes in safety procedures, regulations, and job responsibilities.

Importance of Safety Meetings

Safety meetings are a convenient way for workers and managers to enhance the safety efforts of the company and keep safety in the minds of employees at all times. These meetings can be a venue to tackle specific safety and health issues that could arise at the workplace.

MotivationA safety meeting can be done at any time, but may be particularly needed when it seems that employees are getting lenient about safety. An increase in accident occurrences or near accidents, employees not using required personal protective equipment, and untidy work areas are indications of a loose safety environment.

Discussing safety regulations from time to time is not enough to change the work safety culture. Safety presentations, like any kind of training, should be effective for them to make a difference.

Consider the following things so that safety meetings will be effective:

• Do not read, rather present it

It is alright to refer to notes, but the manager must not read a safety talk. He should prepare for it and present the topic so it will be effective. He also has to make sure that he talks directly and clearly. If he would just mumble and read too fast, it would be difficult for employees to understand him.

• Choose the presenters wisely

The manager that will present in a safety meeting must have direct supervision over the workers. This way, the employees will take the training seriously because the presenter would be credible, being someone who has similar responsibility.

• Avoid distractions

Try to hold the safety presentations in a place away from noise and other kind of distractions. The employees will not be able to focus is they cannot hear the presenter talking or if they are distracted by other things. The manager must also focus on one topic per meetings so it will reduce the odds that the workers will lose concentration.

• Present relevant talks

Topics in safety meetings must be relevant to the work environment. The manager can talk to the employees first to know the issues that are most relevant, or he could conduct a walk-through on the site so that the discussion will be related to the actual conditions of the workplace.

• Meetings must vivid

General statements like “do better” must be avoided. The manager must go straight to the details and explain exactly what is expected. Employees can visualize the content of the safety presentation if the presenter has pictures or videos. Sharing personal experiences and humor can also engage the employees. Moreover, telling the stories would make the problem even more real for employees and would help them realize the gravity of the hazard. A lot of safety presenters will search local newspapers for stories about accidents, injuries, and deaths and connect these to what they have witnessed.

• Use props when necessary

For instance, when giving safety presentations on how to set up a portable step ladder, there must be one close by so the presenter can show things as they lead the discussion.

• Give time for questions and discussions

The employees must be given a chance to ask questions. A safety presentation can be effective if there would be an interactive discussion. Employees can actually share a lot of experience and impart their knowledge about safety in the workplace.

Safety presentations will not have much impact if they are routinely done just to comply with a requirement. These simple tips can be helpful in making an effective safety presentation.

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