Silicone Bracelets: How It Is Printed And Its Types

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Wristbands are this generation’s version of bracelets. Gone are the days when you would see people clad in metal or bead bracelets. Wristbands are made from a variety of materials but the most common material used is plastic or cloth.

Types of Wristbands
There are several types of wristbands according to the purpose and the type of material.

1)Sweatband is a type of wristband made from towel-like terrycloth material. It is usually worn around the wrist or on the head by athletes to wipe off sweat. Back in the 1980s, it was also worn as a fashion statement.

2)Hospital wristbands, are the tags attached to the wrist while a person is confined in a hospital. This type of wristband would usually indicate the name of the patient, room number, doctor assigned, and his sickness. Some hospitals would also include a barcode as an added identifying marker of the patient. This type of wristband is usually made from plasticized material.

3)Event wristbands, on the other hand, are the wristbands that are given to attendees of concert, music festivals and fairs or theme park or amusement park goers. It is used as an access control measure. Just like the hospital wristbands, event wristbands are also made from plasticized material.

4)UV (ultraviolet) wristbands are a special kind of wristband as they change their color to blue or white when exposed to ultraviolet rays. They serve as a reminder for people to wear sunscreen during a sunny day or to stay in the shade.

5)Silicone bracelets are used for event and cause promotions. These accessories can bear the most random things. These are also called awareness bands to distinguish them from the other types of wristbands.

How to print on silicone bracelets

As earlier mentioned, silicone bracelets are used to promote a certain brand or campaign. The text written on these bracelets, therefore, are of great importance to their whole essence. There are several ways of adding text to the bracelets, here are some of them:

Rubber Bracelet1)Flat-surface printing, as its name suggests, needs a flat surface for the printing to be successfully done. You will need three things for this type of bracelet printing, namely a flat surface, a silicon bracelet, and a semi-auto silicone wristband printer. The bare silicone band is laid flat on a surface and the text is printed by the semi-auto silicone wristband printer.

2)Cylinder surface printing, on the other hand, does not require that the band be laid flat on a surface. The band is inserted into the machine like a ring and the print is then printed on to it. With a cylinder surface printer, printing could be done in just 1.5 seconds.

3)Others also have printed text on to a silicone bracelet using oil-based paint. In order to do this, you need an icing piping bag, oil-based paint, blank silicone band, and wax paper.

Visualize your design, mix your oil-based paint on a disposable plate. Load the paint mixture on to the piping bag. Be prepared to have multiple piping bags for each color. Pipe the design on to the blank band. Leave it to dry for 24 hours.

All about the Types

Silicone bracelets are now more than fashion pieces. Here are other types of silicone bracelet according to how they are printed:

1)Debossed Wristbands: The letters are imprinted or sunken into the band.

2)Embossed Wristbands: This is the opposite of the debossed silicone bracelets, wherein the text is raised.

3)Color Filled Wristbands: The letters are also sunken into the band but are filled with color.

4)Color Coated Wristbands: This type of wristband also has the text engraved and comes in dual color.

5)One-inch Wristbands: As its name suggest, this wristband measures one inch.

6)¾ Inch Wristband: This type is slightly smaller than the one-inch wristband.

7)Segmented Wristband: The segmented wristband features different colors.

8)Swirled Wristband: The colors are mixed and marbled to look like color swirls.

9)Silk Screen Wristband: This text of this silicone bracelet is printed using a silk screen.

10)Keychain Wristband: This type of silicon bracelet is a product of ingenuity. It is a keychain and wristband in one. It is perfect as a bag tag.

11)Micro Wristband: This is the opposite of the one-inch and ¾-inch wristbands. This type of wristband is mini and sleek. Perfect for those who intend to use a wristband as a fashion statement.

12)Finger Bands: It is an innovation from the typical wristbands. Instead of being worn like a bracelet on the wrist, it is worn like a ring.

The silicone bracelet has truly evolved from being just a fashion piece, it is now used as means to stand for a certain cause, advertise a program or brand, and even campaign for a political candidate.

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