Why You Should Get Challenge Coins And Why www.ChallengeCoins4Less.com Should Make Them For You

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Why You Should Get Challenge Coins

We must first give you a brief history of challenge coins. They have a colorful history, as colorful as the vibrant inks embellishing their die-cast sides.

Initially, challenge coins were used in the military, as a means of identifying members of a particular squad or battalion. The various groups would normally have their own respective names and emblems, which would be cast on coins given to their members. Legend has it that these challenge coins had saved a good number of soldiers who found themselves behind enemy lines, and wanting of any identification. Eventually, as wars declined, challenge coins found themselves being given to members of the armed service as recognition for outstanding achievements. At present, even non-military units, such as corporations, are giving away challenge coins to their outstanding employees, or are being collected by numismatists.

If you are a member of the armed service, a corporation, or of any other organization, you have to have challenge coins.

1. Military Camaraderie

custom military coinsAs mentioned, challenge coins were used as a means of identifying membership by a serviceman in his crew or unit. But, knowing the jolly and cheery nature of the brotherhood, the soldiers have found another use for these coins. They were used during challenges, when any one soldier can challenge the entire pub (for it is in this kind of places that challenges usually happen) to produce their challenge coins. Anyone failing to produce his coin, right then and there, would have to buy the challenger a drink. If, however, everyone was able to produce their coins, the challenging soldier has to buy the whole room a drink. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? We, at www.ChallengeCoins4Less.com, know that very well – the camaraderie shared by past and present members of the service. You can have challenge coins to commemorate those memories, to serve as an insignia of your proud unit and special fraternity.

2. Corporate Pride

If you are in a corporation, challenge coins would be wonderful rewards for your outstanding employees. Unlike certificates, challenge coins provide a lasting feeling of pride for its bearers. And, unlike trophies, their small size makes them portable and readily available as they can be comfortably kept inside one’s pocket.

3. Organization’s Identification and Membership

You do not have to be a member of the armed service or a corporation to have a challenge coin. If you have an organization, you would do well to have a challenge coin to provide an inspiring reminder to your members about your group’s principles and purpose. The rich history of the challenge coins would be enough source of pride and motivation.

Why we, at www.ChallengeCoins4Less.com, should make them for you

The answer is, we’re sure to give you what you want.

In every step of the way, we will be there to assist you, and we will perform in the best possible manner. From the design process – which is one of our strongest suits – through the casting, and finally to the delivery of your specially-made challenge coin.

Let’s start with the design process. Here, we recognize your preferences and so give you full freedom into coming up with your own coin design. Feel free to send us any design you may have in mind. Of course, you can always ask our expert artists for advice, and the design team in www.ChallengeCoins4Less.com would be more than glad to help you revise and improve your work, should it be necessary. All for free. You can have as many design revisions as you want.

challenge coinsWe’ll give you all the options you can possibly need in designing your challenge coin, and all you have to do is let us know what you prefer. From coin sizes, to color schemes, to metal types, to customized additional coin options – you’ll have as much free reign as you could possibly want. For instance, you can choose from seven different coin sizes, from as small as 1.50 inches to as large as 3.00 inches. For color schemes, you can have your coin with no sides colored (die-struck), one side colored, or both sides colored. For metal styles, you can pick any of the following: polished or antique gold, polished or antique silver, polished or antique brass, polished or antique copper, black nickel metal, or a duo tone metal (a combination of any two). To top them all off, you can customize your keepsakes by choosing additional coin options, such as: diamond cut edges, epoxy coating, 3D designs, coin cutouts, custom shapes, sequential numbering, engraved rim text, antiquing effects, to name a few.

Once you’ve made your choice, give us 24 hours and we’ll have you a design for your review. If everything’s perfect, and you agree to our most reasonable and affordable rates, then we’ll cast your coin – and, of course, we’d only be using materials of the highest quality – and have them ready in just 14 to 17 days! If you need them much earlier, just let us know.

Rest assured, we, at www.ChallengeCoins4Less.com know and understand your needs and concerns, and will give you the challenge coin you want.

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